Copyright: ATLUS Japan swinging the Ban Hammer on Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL


ATLUS Japan, or more specifically their associated YouTube account atlustube, is smashing their Ban Hammer on YouTube accounts playing and uploading Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL footage like no one’s business.

Let me start off by saying that I never intended to upload any footage of my Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL playthrough. I play RPGs solely for the purpose of my own entertainment. While I do uploads for some RPGs, like with the re-release of Final Fantasy X in 2013, they usually entail some sort of challenge. Hence I never really uploaded much of my Xenoblade X playthrough in January of 2015.

After I saw Kouli put out that tweet, I got curious though and wanted to see this first hand. Obviously I wouldn’t endanger my HuntersGrind account for this, but thankfully I have enough test accounts, solely for the purpose to see if I can put something on my HuntersGrind account or not. So I uploaded a 20+ minutes video of the first major (but scripted) battle in the game. I chose this specific instance as it includes A) A lot of spoken dialogue, B) music and C) content that ATLUS could consider Spoilers. I’ve embedded the now defunct video below.

Now while ATLUS for all intents and purposes has every right in the world to protect their copyrighted material, we all know that this is an absolutely nonsensical way of going about things. Do you really think this is hurting your business? Let’s look at a tweet directed at Omegaevolution:

Doesn’t seem all that harmful to the respective copyright owners from what I can see at least. Granted, Omega has more than 100k subscribers, so obviously his videos leave a much bigger impact than mine, or even Kouli’s ever could, but Omega wouldn’t be safe either from a company that’s going absolutely nuts. Let’s get back to the topic at hand though.

Atlus swinging their ban-hammer

As you might have guessed, my video has been removed by YouTube, after a mere 2 hours following my upload. The interesting thing about this take down is the fact, that this was apparently a manual selection. This wasn’t done by YouTube’s broken algorithm of matching copyrighted content at all, which makes this case all the more interesting. I’ve already submitted my counter-notification, but I’ll have to wait and see what ATLUS decides to do from here on out, as they have 10 days to respond to my counter-notification. This is where the real trickery begins though.

Let’s assume ATLUS isn’t actually out to get accounts shut down, but uses all the abusive powers YouTube grants them, to simply control the content of their games on YouTube at large. You have to keep in mind that a strike on YouTube isn’t that big of a deal, you’re losing some of your features for half a year, but at least your account and the rest of your videos are still safe. Two strikes, isn’t all that different, but you really don’t ever want to go there. Three strikes on the other hand means that your account is gone for good! Chances of it coming back are slim to none. Sure, it is possible to get your account reinstated, but it’s rather unlikely.

Block your videos in Japan

So during those 10 days, ATLUS would only have to keep their feet still, because most people wouldn’t dare appealing or countering several videos at once, as if those come back negative you’re incurring even more problems on your account. You shouldn’t ever have more than one appeal or counter active, those companies are well aware of that as well.

I’ll stop this here and will update this post as soon as I get some feedback on my video. The only advice I can give you, as this was a manual selection and really only if you’re with an MCN that allows you to block specific countries, upload your videos unlisted and block Japan! But even then, it’s no in no way a guarantee that you’ll be safe!


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