Bayonetta 2 – Halo Farming – 10 Million Halos in 30 mins


First off; I didn’t come up with this one myself, I believe the credit goes to 866AiN999 on YouTube.

But to make this short, so you can go and grind out Halos, here’s how it’s done.

Go to Tag Climax on the main menu, select Jeanne as your character and select Bayonetta as your CPU character. Now play Verse Card 21 (Worship) and keep pummeling it. My preferred ‘combo’ is PP[P]~PP[P]~PP[P]~PP[P]… etc., it seems to give the highest amount of points compared to other variations on that combo. Not that there are all that many with the Mechs anyway.

It takes roughly 90 seconds per run, including going in and out of it. I assume you’re doing this to get the Platinum Ticket from Rodin, so to reach the 10,000,000 (10 million) Halos you need for the platinum ticket, should take you approximately two hours, give or take a few minutes. Sure, while it isn’t as efficient as Bayonetta(1)’s Kilgore glitch, this method is not a glitch!

Well, the 10 million halos in 2 hours idea got scrapped because, just doing Chapter 14 on infinite Climax will net you about 10 million Halos in roughly 30 minutes. And it’s more gameplay than menu based navigation. Other than that it’s the same idea as it was with Tag Climax, focus on holding the X button with your third punch and go nuts!

Yup that’s it, have fun!


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