Sukebee! Ecchi!! Hentai!!! I don’t even care! – Dead or Alive Xtreme 3


No seriously, I honestly don’t care about popular opinions here! 

DoAX3 weird dress up scenesI think this game will be mindless fun and considering the contents of the video I linked above, unadulterated hilarity. This will be in fact my first DoAX game I’ll be playing and by enlarge, the very first game in the entire franchise of Dead or Alive I am actually going to buy. I’ve never bought a single Dead or Alive game, that includes all iterations of Ninja Gaiden and I’ve never even played any Dead or Alive game for longer than maybe 20 to 30 minutes max. So why the hell am I buying Dead or Alive Blue Balls edition?

More DoAX3 naughty camera anglesThe Dead or Alive series as a fighting game has never really appealed to me. The combat mechanics seemed too clunky and too big of an emphasis was placed on reversals, although I am not sure the latter is still the case for the current DoA games. As you know I usually play female characters in any given game I am playing, but the character variety in Dead or Alive wasn’t really there. Blonde big breasted bimbo A versus Brunette big breasted bimbo B; not all that varied. The Ninja Gaiden franchise also never really appealed to me, Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3 seemed to have been fairly popular, but having only played the demo on PSN, I never really felt all that drawn in and/or compelled to put down some money for it.

That's a nice bed...When it comes to the Xtreme beach volleyball franchise it’s obviously even less of an interest to me, devoid of any challenge, where the main objective is to simply gawk at the exposed bits of the character you’ve chosen. This was all before I got into Monster Hunter, Project DIVA, the Souls series and Bloodborne though. You see, I “evolved” into liking games, where I can play dress up with my character. One of the reasons I play female characters, other than not wanting to stare at a dude’s arse for the majority of my play-time, is that female characters usually have a much more varied ensemble of attire. I am not saying my reasoning is sound, all I am saying is, I am looking forward to have the characters on screen play Bikini dress up! I am not complaining about you playing Destiny either, am I?! That game is nothing more than a glorified dress up simulator either!


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