Godlike skills at video games?


I see this across both my channels, in both English and Japanese, come up a lot. I do feel that this topic needs some addressing, to get rid of some of the myths and legends.

While the Japanese commenters think I am touched by the hand of god, or be even god himself (just quoting here), my English speaking audience might have you believe that I am a robot, shooting lasers from my eyes. Ok the kazuyasasa beeeeaaaam laser part has never popped up, I just added that myself for… authenticity! These comments for the most part show up on either my Project DIVA, Project mirai 2 and my Bayonetta 2 videos. Sure it makes sense for a more casually oriented player; and no this post isn’t going to bash casual gamers. I think the joke’s chewed out at this point. Plus, bar the Kouli-ster, we’re all casual gamers anyway. Once again, I digress! Where was I? Right, it makes sense, as I am showcasing a level of skill that for most people seems unattainable. I also tend to omit the countless of failures I went through, that had me reach the instance which you’re watching on YouTube right now. Every now and then I will throw in an “Omake” at the end of my videos, to show how something can go terribly wrong, but most people stop watching as soon as the main content is over and done with. This is actually a fact, as YouTube Analytics shows you the points where people drop out of a video. But enough with theories and statistics.

Why are you so good?

That question really pisses me off to be honest. It wholly undermines the amount of work I have put into achieving, whatever it was that was showcased in that video. You know exactly why I am that good, because I’ve been practising my arse off! It doesn’t matter what you do in life, repetition and tenacity are the only tried and tested ways to improve at anything. Do you go up to a pianist, a martial artist, a writer, a chef, or a even a salesman and ask that question? No, of course you wouldn’t, because you already know the answer! There’s one piece to this puzzle though, that makes all the difference in terms of how quickly you get better. It’s enjoyment, or your infatuation with the task at hand if you will. I love playing video games. I said this time and time again, I don’t care how old I am gonna get, I am going to be playing video games until the day I fucking die! Why? Because I absolutely love this medium and everything it has taught me. Would I be speaking Japanese without video games? Would I have lived in the UK for eight years and Japan for two years without them? Would I even have a job without them, even though I don’t work in the video game industry anymore? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding, no! With the amount of love I hold for the games that I enjoy, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see how much time I sink into them. With that amount of time, improvement will come, even if it is inadvertently. This place is called HuntersGrind for a reason!

To round this off; any new game I start, I suck at, just like everybody else. You wouldn’t even have wanted to watch me the first time playing through the original Bayonetta. That was very ugly. Or when I started on Project DIVA Arcade and Project DIVA Extend, getting my ass handed to me on normal. You know, like everyone else when they start out on something they’ve never done before!

Get a life

To anyone who says this and actually means it, let me make one thing clear, really clear, inexplicably clear: Most content creators, be they actors, voice artists, singers, musicians, writers, in-depth gamers (like myself), marketeers, chefs, and the list goes on and on, but we are better than you. So much better than you will ever be! Why are we better? Because we create in our spare time. What do you do in your spare time? Oh right, you comment on said created content, swinging your eDick around. I am sure that looks splendid on your CV, doesn’t it? While I hate people like that with a passion, today it generally brightens up my day. Sounds weird right? I don’t really get a kick out of admiration, or people standing in awe before me. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate it a lot, but there’s nothing like the sweet sensation of seeing someone who is blatantly jealous of what you got going for yourself right now. That feeling, ooooh it’s divine, simply finger licking good!

See you… probably Saturday or Sunday. This was just a “quickie” to pass my time until my nose stops bleeding and I can continue to play Zestiria.


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