Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Defensive Options!?


This game is really hard to get used to, but so mesmerising to look at!

Fun fact; the very first eight videos I uploaded on my HuntersGrind channel were a Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance New Game Hard Mode Blind (edited) Playthrough. Although I’ve deleted all the videos around the time I started focusing on Project mirai 2 I believe. Point being, they no longer exist.

Defensive options too advanced?

I have recently picked the game up again and realised that I never actually continued playing. I only played through Hard Mode one time and then dropped the game, for some reason I am no longer aware of. I was instantly reminded how addictive the battle system is, maybe even more so than Bayonetta’s. Don’t get me wrong, Bayonetta 2 will continue to be my go to game for the unforeseeable future, but MGR’s battle system is not to be sniffed at. Rising starts you out with only one defensive ability, outside of running and jumping of course, which is the ability to parry. Parrying or blocking at least is nowhere near as tight as using the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa in Bayonetta 1 and 2 or Royal Guard in Devil May Cry 3 and 4. Even if it is a bit easier as a whole, I find the mechanic to be relatively advanced when you consider that it’s usually a “hard to master optional extra thingy”, but here it’s your mandatory defensive function. I am sure you’ve seen reviews, where it’s usually touched upon how easy it is to abuse this system. Sure if you’re playing on normal and even the earlier chapters on hard, you’ll at least get through the stages. On Very Hard and Revengeance that’s a different story, as it’s outright suicide to just throw out a parry without reason in most situations. I highly recommend not doing what I did and to straight up continue playing the higher difficulties, to find out for yourself how far you’re going to get while “abusing the system”.

Optional basic defensive option

Once you have enough BP gathered to upgrade your skills, you’ll be able to buy other defensive options. Air parrying and more importantly, Defensive Offensive. Defensive Offensive is a basic dodge mechanic, which also secretly comes bundled with a watered down version of Bayonetta’s dodge offset. The invincibility frames you’re granted during use are insane. Or so it would seem at first, but the enemies quickly gather up and chain their attacks until something will eventually hit you. What’s even more great about it is that there are several moves (yellow glowing) that cannot be parried, but a dodge will usually get you out of it. I find this system especially rewarding when you have an influx of enemies ganging up on you, you parry something, immediately after that you dodge out of an unblockable attack and continue your combo where you left off.


The game rewards you immediately for every defensive action you take. Parry something successful and you can keep parrying, while getting a grasp of the current situation and how to deal with it. A successful perfect parry will usually result in an instant kill QTE which you can end out with a Zandatsu if you please, or just straight up grant you a Zandatsu chance. Which means, almost every time you hit a perfect parry, you’re about to get a complete refill on both your health and fuel cells. Can’t get much more rewarding than that! There are also enemies who can play Soul Calibur with you. You parry, they parry, you parry, they parry and so on until someone gives out. Seriously after about four to seven times, he will “mess up” and you will get your Zandatsu! The dodge ability grants you distance, at which point you will have completely reset the situation. Plus, as I had mentioned before, you can dodge offset your combos with Defensive Offensive, which is an instant reward right there and then. While I do think the game is a bit harder to get into, just on the grounds your defensive options being a bit too advanced for someone who isn’t too familiar with the genre, it is absolutely one of the most satisfying systems out there, once you get to grips with it!

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