Building a DIY Portable Sound Booth


I haven’t stopped doing my Bitching About series already. Now that I am back at home, I found that the sound quality appears to be much worse, than that of the Hotel Room in Jakarta I was in for a month.

It’s not that it’s worse than before I left here, but rather that I now have a comparison, which made me realise how bad it was this entire time. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to remedy this over the past few days. I obviously don’t have a professional recording studio at my disposal, so I was almost exclusively looking for DIY options. I found a video from 2013 by Media6D on YouTube, in which he shows how to make a portable sound booth. After watching him do it and listening to the difference in sound, I decided to use his tutorial and make one for myself.

Here’s what I ordered: a better pop filter, an Ikea Dröna box and five acoustic foam slabs. This came to a grand total of €29.78 (shipping included) – which is dirt cheap! It could’ve been even cheaper though, if I bought everything off the same vendor, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. So instead I am paying for shipping three times… as I initially intended to buy a new microphone instead, which would’ve been a minimum of €225, I am in no position to complain about the price I paid.

I was under the impression that my Blue Yeti simply isn’t good enough, but it really is just the set up I’ve been using so far. After hearing the before and after on Media6D’s video, I realised that there’s nothing wrong with the mic itself and that it’s still a stellar product. Frankly, I still want a new microphone over the course of the next few months, but the portable sound booth would still be necessary anyway, to drown out all the noise the new mic would be picking up.

I’ve literally just ordered all the items and they should be here by Friday, according to the dispatch confirmation mails I’ve received at least. Unfortunately, this means that the next Bitching About video will have to wait until next week.


Portable Sound Booth DIY

I didn’t cut myself, I didn’t fuck up and I didn’t make a mess… ok that last one’s a lie, BUT I FUCKING DID IT! 😀


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