Project DIVA F 2nd – ALL PERFECT EXTREME done, what next!?


On April 9, 2014 I’ve perfected all songs on Extreme that are available on Project DIVA F 2nd. This includes the Ievan Polkka (Extreme) Tutorial. I’ve uploaded all my perfects to YouTube as per usual with the last few videos coming out in intervals of one video per day, with the last one coming out on April 15th. This is mainly done to avoid having gaps in my upload schedule. Having said that, I might consider taking a little break. I have been uploading at least one video every single day since December 27th and even before that from December 8th, I’ve only take a two days break over christmas. That’s almost 120 days of at least one video a day. In the mean time I had games piling up around me that I bought, but have yet to continue, or even start playing. So I might take a little break soon, or alter my upload schedule during wind down times to three vids a week.

For example, now that I am done with the important uploads from Project DIVA F 2nd, which are of course my Extreme Perfects, there’s nothing on my schedule that would warrant a constant stream of uploads coming up. All the while, I still have to finish a few games on my PS VITA and/or PS3 like, 劇場版魔法少女まどか☆マギカ – The Battle Pentagram, Exestetra, FFX HD, Tales of Symphonia, ジェイスターズ ビクトリーバーサス, メルルのアトリエ~アーランドの錬金術士3~ and on my 3DS I still have to continue ワンピース アンリミテッドワールドレッド as well! So as you can see there’s still a few games that I mainly didn’t have the time to play, given the YouTube schedule I forced upon myself and the fact that I do have to work Monday to Friday. On the weekends I also want to hang out with my friends going for drinks and etc., which means that other games I don’t intend to record and just want to play for the sake of playing them, are left behind.

I think for now this won’t create too much of a problem, I can now play Project DIVA F 2nd on my Vita instead of the PS3 as I am done recording and just enjoy playing the game without any time constraints. In fact, once I found a desk with a glass top that doesn’t cost € 7 million, I might even record all Extreme Perfects again on Vita, like I used to for some songs on my TheKazuyasasa channel. Naturally this would be a slower approach to upload, when compared with my initial PS3 version uploads. I only have to figure out what to do from the 16th up until the release of Curtain Call, for which I will upload one highest difficulty, Full Chain, song again each day. I have yet to decide if I will record all songs or, if I stick to just recording Battle Music Songs, as I did with the original. We’ll see, I think today I will start recording the songs from the demo quickly.

What else is there to expect in the future? I definitely want to translate some of the songs on Project DIVA F 2nd. As I am a huge Luka fan, the first two songs I decided on are, in that order, Blackjack and Hello Worker. I am still working out on how exactly I am gonna do that. I could just do it like I did with Project mirai 2, but there just having the text subtitled wasn’t a big deal as I could also do a lot of editing in the video. Project mirai 2 utilises a system, that when you change Vocaloids, it will also be that Vocaloid singing the song. That’s not the case in the Project DIVA games, so I find little to no purpose doing the editing in the same way. Not to mention that my upload quality has gone up tremendously with Project DIVA F 2nd as I am now recording through HDMI instead of component. So this is another case where I want the quality of the Project DIVA F 2nd PV translations to be superior to my Project mirai 2 PV translations.

In closing, don’t worry about me, I’ll figure all of this out somehow. I am not sure when and how exactly, but I will in due time. In the mean time, there will still be uploads of at least one video a day.


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