Bloodborne Level 4 Challenge

After I did a PS4 system update, I found that all my Bloodborne saves seemed to have vanished, both locally and in the cloud. Not only was this really infuriating, but it also meant that I could no longer continue my comedic Waste of Skin series that I was working on. Instead of redoing everything, I decided that I am going to cancel that series and instead do a new one with the same restrictions in place. This means a Waste of Skin character, without levelling of course. This time around though, I am only focusing on and showing all the boss fights, as well as all hostile NPC Hunter encounters. Below will be an ongoing link list to each boss and hostile NPC Hunter. The bosses and Hunters, as well as the order I am fighting them in, will be revealed as I upload the corresponding videos to my YouTube channel.

A level 4 run in Bloodborne is not as hard as many seem to think. It's a challenge for sure, but one that is doable without having to practice all that much. This is basically not all that different from a Soul Level 1 run in Demon Souls and/or Dark Souls.

Bosses & Hostile Hunters