Bayonetta 2 is awesome


After all the hassle I had importing a Japanese Wii U, buying an external HDD with an external power supply, then buying a Step Down converter, then still having to wait for two weeks to finally be able to actually play a game on it, I am more than happy to say, Bayonetta 2 has obliterated all my hopes that I had for the game! 

My playthrough, as well as the “tips & tricks” types of videos I also used to make for the original Bayonetta (PS3) (on my now defunct channel “kazuyasasa”) is of course available on my YouTube Channel HuntersGrind.

While this post is about Bayonetta 2, I wanna talk a little about the Wii U itself. I don’t like it, not one bit. The controller is quite heavy, and you will feel it after longer sessions. Also the fact that you cannot turn off the display on the Gamepad while using the Gamepad is very annoying. Whatever you see on the big screen, is reflected back to you once more to the corner of your eyes from the Gamepad. It’s really distracting. On the plus side, it does sit comfortably in your hands, even with the weight. The screen of the Gamepad is also somewhat average, if not below that. There’s also a delay on it, which can get fairly aggravating when you are having to chain dodge several attacks that’ll keep pulling you in and out of witch time, for example. I am not sure on the specs of the Gamepad, but it doesn’t feel like it’s hitting 60 frames per second. It’s not 30, but really doesn’t feel like 60 to me. Tossing the gripes I have with the console aside, this game is absolutel bliss. I had only played it on the PS3 and that was even before all the patches came. So I went through slowdowns, unbearably long load times and a general worse looking game compared to the 360 version. Bayonetta 2 on Wii U though, has not given me a single sign of slowing down, not even once. Regardless how many enemies, how many special effects are rendered in the background in real time, nothing, it just keeps rocking those 60 frame per second (on the monitor at least…).

That was pretty much it for now. I am going to back to play.


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