Blood-Starved Beast – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


Today we’re actually fighting a real boss again. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not like he’s putting up much of a fight.

Use your items as you walk up to the Boss

The Blood-Starved Beast, actually gave me a lot of trouble my first time going through the game. His greatest weakness is being circled counter-clockwise, no I am not kidding. You are required to figure that out for yourself though, it’s not like anyone in the game tells you that. I also play these games offline my first time through, as I don’t want to get spoiled by the messages and bloodstains on the ground. Taking all this into account, I found it rather hard to A) damage the Blood-Starved Beast and B) survive his third phase’s constant proximity poisoning.

Just keeping hitting the Blood-Starved Beast

None of this is an issue today though! I am actually utilising the current speedrun strategies for this boss. I am employing them rather poorly mind you, but I am using them. Before you go into Old Yharnam you have the option to go to speak with Alfred, who will give you three Firepapers, once you agree to co-operate with him. As you get to the area of old Yharnam that is littered with wolves, you’re free to pick up a few Pungent Blood Cocktails and half a dozen of Beast Blood Pellets. The combination of those three items turn the Blood-Starved Beast into a training dummy, who will not attack you, provided you’ve managed your stamina correctly. Stamina management is something that I will probably never learn though, so there’s that!

Throw another Cocktail into the corner during its phase changes

As soon as you get into the boss area eat a Beast Blood Pellet and proceed to light up your weapon of choice with a Fire Paper. Now run towards the Blood-Starved Beast, into the corner on the right. Throw a Pungent Blood Cocktail into that corner and whale away on the boss. If you’re timing is accurate you should be able to keep whaling on it until it starts to screech to switch into phase 2. During the phase switch, throw another Pungent Blood Cocktail into that same corner; rinse and repeat until you get your Prey Slaughtered or You Hunted banner.

I suppose this strategy is a borderline cheese strategy, as you completely nullify any threat this boss was imposing on you. At the same time though, I do love the fact that you can manhandle this boss through the creative use of item combinations. Whichever the case may be, it works!


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