Cleric Beast – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


This is one of the first two bosses in the game and also the first available optional boss in Bloodborne. The Cleric Beast is a very easy boss to take down, if you do it properly. If you play like me and use your gun as if you had unlimited ammo, things can and probably will go south rather quickly though.

Cleric Beast has two targets to lock on toIt’s important to take note that the Cleric Beast has two targets to lock on to and five to six individually damageable areas to attack. You can lock on to the head and its body, while the head and each of its limbs can be broken to make it stagger, the head in particular grants the chance for a visceral attack, once it’s taken enough damage to it. While you can lock on and damage the body itself, it seems that there are no special properties, like a stagger, that will trigger.

So in the beginning I try to hit the head with my gun as often as possible to get a visceral attack off. I then continued to drain my gun until it’s empty, because I assumed I could get another visceral attack opportunity, that never happened though. Molotov cocktails would serve better here for sure, but I didn’t have them equipped, so that’s that.

Cleric Beast - Push AttackAlthough I am not showcasing this at all after a little while, you mainly want to dodge into the Cleric Beast’s attacks, otherwise the fight will just drag on forever, as you can see in my video. The only attack that can really catch you off guard is the weird push attack it does every once in a blue moon. It’s actually a heavily telegraphed attack, but since he does it so rarely, I find myself getting hit by it all the time, as I don’t have the muscle memory to react to it. It’s not that big a deal though, as the damage dealt by this attack is miniscule.

Towards the end of the fight, when the Cleric Beast starts to speed up its attack a bit more, I prefer to release my lock on and just start whaling at it. As long as you don’t forget to dodge, you should be fine. I had an extremely close call there as well, but since I survived, I think it’s good to know that you can just get lucky as well. This is essentially the first boss of the game after all, so don’t worry too much about messing up, the punishment is nowhere near the same as in the later stages of Bloodborne.


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