Darkbeast Paarl – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


Darkbeast Paarl can appear to be a very difficult enemy, but it shouldn’t take too many deaths to figure out that he’s just a huge fragile lightbulb.

Paarl's AOE attack

You can actually fight Darkbeast Paarl, as soon as you’ve dispatched the Blood-Starved Beast. This essentially makes it possible to have him be your third boss. Honestly it’s not even that bad an idea to go there this early, but we’ll get to that. To reach Darkbeast Paarl, before taking on Rom, the Vacuous Spider, you’ll have to beat the Blood-Starved Beast in Old Yharnam first, as I just mentioned and then proceed to get killed by a Snatcher. The most convenient one to get to, would be the one standing just outside Oedon Chapel near the gate where you (maybe) picked up the Wooden Shield. Once he’s killed you, you’ll be greeted with a cutscene instead of waking up at the lamp you had warped to last. Following that cutscene you’ll be in a place that we haven’t visited before and technically won’t be visiting for quite some time to come. The reason why I mentioned that coming here early isn’t a bad idea is, because there are a lot of Snatchers running around here. At this point in time they’re a really great, if not the best way to farm Blood Stone Shards and even Twin Blood Stone Shards. This means you can get all of your favourite weapons up to +6 as soon as you get here; granted it will take some tenacity, as farming and grinding always does.

Paarl is downed after breaking a limb

Enough of this though, let’s talk about Paarl. Darkbeast Paarl, is a really cool looking enemy and it can be quite the.. shock… when you first encounter him. Start off with consuming a Beast Blood Pellet and applying Fire Paper to your weapon, I told you this going to be a recurring theme. A very important thing to note here, do not lock-on (R3)! Locking-on to Paarl will make the fight actually kind of hard. So just don’t do it, ok? Once it has done its initial AOE blast, we’re going to work Paarl in a very similar fashion, as we did Amelia. Concentrate your efforts on a single limb at a time. Depending on your damage output you should be able to break one of his limbs within two to four hits. As always; we’re using Beast Blood Pellets, so use the transform attacks to raise your beast meter as quickly as you can. Breaking its limbs has added the side effect of pulling the plug on his electric charge, which makes things even easier than they already are. After a limb is broken, do not waste time attacking it any further, keep going around from limb to limb, breaking one after the other, gotta keep them electricity costs down! Once more, it’s the same as with Amelia, the head is also a breakable part, so hammer that one in as well. Once you’ve finished your merry-go-round-bone-smashing spree, Paarl might swipe once or twice and should then try to back up. If you see him back up, run after him and keep hitting whatever limb you reach first. He should be very close to death by now anyway, so just keep attacking until the lights stay out!

Spark Hunter Badge obtained

It should be a relatively quick fight if you’ve practiced a little. While you might die a few times trying to get to grips with the timings, once you got them down, and they’re pretty damn lenient, you should be able to do this, while texting your girlfriend, asking here where to go for dinner tonight. In all seriousness though, coming here this early in the game is beneficial in two ways. As already mentioned, it allows us to farm for Twin Blood Stone Shards relatively early on, but killing Paarl also rewards us with the Spark Hunter Badge, which in turn unlocks Bolt Paper in both the insight and standard shops.

Uhmmm… my apologies for the bad puns, I am just a tad salty that I couldn’t use any of them in my comedic Bloodborne series, due to my save files disappearing!


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