Saw Spear Hunter – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


Alright, if you’ve watched the video, you should know that I have absolutely nothing insightful to say here.

Just waiting for the Saw Spear Hunter to commit suicide

This NPC, or hostile hunter, has the weirdest AI in the entire game. All the videos in this series are played on App version 9 and I’ve started playing Bloodborne from App version 5, this here Saw Spear Hunter that you encounter in Old Yharnam though, has never done anything right… in any version of the game, ever! If you’ve watched my old Level 4 videos, you might remember him not really putting up much of a fight there either and that time I didn’t even manipulate him at all.

If you go up Djura’s tower coming from either the Yahar’Gul or Chalice of the Good Blood lamps, Djura will no longer be hostile and is instead rather curious as to how you got up there, without him noticing. Even if you killed his little Saw Spear Hunter buddy prior, he won’t care anymore. Usually if you killed someone in these games, everyone will remember, forever. In the Souls games you can get absolved in exchange for ludicrous amounts of Souls, that’s a system mechanic that doesn’t exist in Bloodborne though. So the fact that Djura just forgives you and doesn’t even ever mention that you murdered his friend in cold blood, should give you a rough idea in regards to how valuable this NPC was to him.

Saw Spear Hunter committed Suicide

Most NPC hunters aren’t much of a threat to begin with; the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst in the Grand Cathedral and the Gatling Gun Hunter in the River of Blood being the exceptions to the rule, Old Yharnam’s Saw Spear Hunter takes the cake. He’s the epitome of being under-qualified for your job. Ever been on the phone with your ISP and wanted to know why nothing is working, although you’re paying for it to be working, just to get some half-arsed response that doesn’t make a lick of sense? That’s a person like Old Yharnam’s Saw Spear Hunter, yes that person’s got a job, but really, they should still be searching for one, because they just ain’t cutting it as a member of society!

Oh right the strategy part for the video… lure him out climb down the ladder by one or two steps and wait for that idiot to commit sudoku. That’s 20 words… and I didn’t even omit any details. That guy… seriously though!


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