Shadow of Yharnam – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


I know a lot of people dislike this fight, as for some reason it’s ‘not ok’ to have more than one target on screen at the same time for a boss fight. This isn’t Dark Souls II though, this is a real game, where the mechanics of the game itself were taken into account when the bosses were designed!

Entering the Shadow of Yharnam boss arena As per usual, we enter the arena and apply our buffs; Beast Blood Pellets and Paper. Choose any single one of the three, and go ham on him. Make use of your transformation attack where you can, to build up your beast meter quicker, but don’t worry too much about it. You also don’t need to worry so much about the fact that there are three of them. It’s really not that big of a deal, as they will rarely gang up on you. I personally tend to go for the Pyromancer first, as he’s the only one that can really get on your nerves from off-screen. If you have no problems to dance around the large gravestone for protection though, you’re free to choose any of the two Katana/Sword bros.

Shadow of Yharnam Phase 2 transitionIf you focus your attack on a single one of them, they should all stop moving as soon as his health reaches the 30% mark. At this point phase 2 is being initiated, don’t let it faze you and just keep pummelling him until he dissipates. In Phase two one of the two blade dudes will buff his sword with fire, while the other one turns into Dhalsim. They still aren’t all that good in doing co-op though, so you can still very much just focus your efforts on one of them, while keeping an eye on the other. Once again, just kill the one you’re focusing on and Phase 3 starts off.

Shadow of Yharnam's Phase 3 giant snakes summonPhase 3 can be somewhat luck dependent. I tried to go the route that is commonly used in Speedruns, which is to do single R1 attack and walk forward afterwards. If you get the spacing and timing right, he will keep dodging after every attack and you just repeat the procedure until he’s done. You’re essentially exploiting his AI, but as is tradition at this point in my boss series, I messed it up! If that happens, you will need a bit of luck. In the last phase, the last one standing will gain the ability to summon giant snakes, which do a ton of damage. As a level 4 character you really want to avoid getting bit by those, but it’s hard to see where they attack from and when you’re actually going to take damage. The combination of those two issues can make it somewhat hard to dodge accordingly. In the video you can see me just mashing the dodge button and I luckily got away with it, but you need to understand that I really just got lucky there. You really want to stick to that guy like glue, as long as you’re next to him, the chances of him doing this attack are slim to none. So just snuggle up to him and let him have it!

The last Shadow’s gone and it’s time to walk towards Byrgenwyrth… or are we?!


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