Vicar Amelia – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


Amelia used to be my absolute nightmare, but then I realised that I merely had to git gud!

Amelia as a human

It’s a lie, I never got gud… Amelia is actually a fairly simple boss. Yes, she hits hard and yes she does have a rather large health pool at this stage in the game. Keep in mind though, I went to Old Yharnam first and for good reason. Amelia is classified as a Beast, which is to be expected, as she’s really nothing more than a white Cleric Beast. This in turn means that she’s very weak to fire and we have Fire Papers, which we got from Alfred on our way to Old Yharnam. We’ve also learned that Beast Blood Pellets, are OP beyond comprehension, which we also found in Old Yharnam. So once again, we’re going to abuse the hell out of this! As a matter of fact, papers combined with Beast Blood Pellets are going to be quite the trend going forward.

Amelia just standing there

Pop your pellet as you enter the arena, try to time it so that the animation just ends before you reach the cutscene trigger. Once the cutscene is over use your Fire Paper, don’t worry too much about Amelia for now, she will just stand there for a little while. Run up to her and try to focus your attacks on a single one of her limbs. As per usual I did a pretty bad job and had to dodge her down smash. Anyway, once you’ve staggered her, move on to the next limb. If you’re using the Saw Cleaver like I am, it’s best to exclusively attack with the transformation attack (L1). This will fill the beast meter really fast and in response raise your attack a by a lot!

Honestly that’s pretty much all there is to the strategy, just keep circling her taking out one limb at a time and dodge where necessary. As you can see in my video, the fight doesn’t really take that long and I didn’t do that great of a job either, which means you could cut this much shorter, without even having to heal at all.

Amelia dying

There are two things to be aware of here: A) You can only use a transformation attack after you’ve done something that used your stamina gauge. That means you either have to dodge and hit L1 straight after or you have to attack and then hit L1 after. Once you’ve used a transformation attack, you can keep hitting L1 until your stamina bar is empty. B) While the the beast meter grants you an insane increase in damage, it also acts as a debuff for your defence. With a full beast meter at Level 4, you really don’t want to get hit by anything, ever!

Once you’ve beaten her, I recommend to not touch the skull at the altar for now. Touching the skull will move the time inside the game forward to night time. Once night time is active, you will not only have to deal with some minor annoyances like the Mad Ones in Hemwick Charnel Lane, but the prices at the Bath Messenger shop will go up. So if you still have stuff to do before moving on to the Forbidden Woods, touch that skull at your own risk.

Shoutouts to QTTSix as I’ve pretty much just used a variation of his Speedrun strategy here. You should go and check out his Speedruns, he’s really good runner and they’re really fun to watch!


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