Witch of Hemwick – Bloodborne Bosses & Hunters Series (Level 4 / No Leveling run)


The Witch of Hemwick fight can only be described as “odd”. You’re playing hide and seek here while dodging summons. Come in with 0 insight and dodging part is not even a thing anymore.

Circling the Witch of HemwickThis encounter can’t really be classified as a Boss Fight under normal circumstances; on a Level 4 character you can be at risk of dying though. The first thing to take note of is that there are not one, but two witches roaming the room. While most of Bloodborne is rooted in managing your stamina bar, this fight is actually about managing the bosses health bars. If you kill one witch, an invisible timer starts running, if that timer runs out, the witch you killed will be revived with a little bit of health. This in turns means, that if you’re too slow in killing both of them, one after the other in a timely manner, you could be doing this for all eternity.

Chaining backstabs on the Witch of HemwickI was contemplating at first to put the cheese stratz logo on this video, but I think that would have been pushing it. The real cheese strat is to enter the room, then leave, spend all your insight and come back. As I mentioned above, coming in with 0 Insight, removes the summons from the battle. I opted to go for the chained backstab strategy instead. In my video you can see me doing the same thing over and over, essentially locking the witches in place… until I mess up, as per usual. Keep in mind, that even if your timing is better than mine, you don’t want to outright kill the first witch, you chain backstabs on. Get her health down as far as you can, but let her live! Go seek out the other witch and proceed to do the same again and if you can, you’re free to kill this one. Now go seek out the first witch once more, kill her and the battle is over.

Slaughtered the Witch of HemwickThat’s really all I can say about this fight. It’s not hard, it’s not complicated, but at least the first time you get here it can be quite confusing and frustrating. I also really liked it the first time around! Unfortunately, a gimmick like that doesn’t translate over too well into subsequent playthroughs, so instead of looking at it as a boss encounter, just see it as a little roadblock to get the Rune Workshop Tool instead.


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